Company Management Apprentice

Date Posted: 2018-01-26 14:09:00

Pay: $165 per week

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Job Description

The Company Management apprentice is an essential member of the Production Department, working directly with the Company Manager to ensure that all departmental needs are met in an efficient, timely, and professional manner. This apprentice serves as the frontline of visiting artists, including assisting with guest artist travel and accommodations, greeting out-of-town artists upon arrival, attending to the needs of artists, drafting contracts, corresponding with agents, arranging complimentary tickets, and maintaining production files.,
This apprentice may also assist and shadow the Director of Production in meetings with production and creative personnel. Additional responsibilities include run crew assignments and serving as an emergency contact on campus.,
"Candidates should be able to multi-task and establish priorities, be detail-oriented, have a valid drivers license, and be familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Quickbooks. Excellent organization and interpersonal skills are a must. Should be comfortable completing tasks both alone and part of a team. This position is appropriate for those working toward careers as Company Managers, Production Managers and General Managers.",


Job Benefits

None provided other than pay


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