Date Posted: 2020-01-20 13:50:00

Pay: $16 50 hr 35 hr biweekly

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Job Description

Earn some extra money! Those who work as Event Lighting Technicians and Drivers can earn some extra money for both working the shift and driving the vehicle. Opportunities are also available for those who are only interested in Dropping-Off and Picking-Up in Atmosphere vehicles. Drivers will be responsible for the safe transport of Atmosphere Gear to and from the Event Venue, as well as parking the vehicle for the duration of a shift if necessary.,
Atmosphere offers drives for Vans, 18\x92 Box Trucks, and 26\x92 Box Trucks. Experience driving Box Trucks is required for Box Truck Drivers, and highly desired for Van drivers. Additionally, for Truck Drivers, you must possess a DOT health certificate, good for up to 2 years. We will reimburse the cost of this test, after your first drive with Atmosphere. Those interested in Driving will also be required to schedule and pass a Road Test administered by the Atmosphere Warehouse Manager.,
Technician\x92s pay for driving company vehicle to Event Venue-,
Van: $30.00 flat rate per call added to Tech\x92s pay,
Truck: $50.00 flat rate per call added to Tech\x92s pay ,
Driver\x92s pay for After-Hours \x96 Just Delivery/Pick-Up-,
Van:$60.00 flat rate ,
Truck:$80.00 flat rate ,
Technician\x92s pay for using personal vehicle for Deliver/Pick-Up-,
PV$50.00 per shift,


Job Benefits

None provided other than pay


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