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Date Posted: 2019-10-08 22:59:09

Pay: $6000 7000 plus housing flat fee

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Job Description

In 2020, Parallel 45 Theatre will host a 5-week season featuring 4 shows in rotating repertory in our brand new outdoor theatre at Traverse City\x92s Civic Center Park from July 2 \x96 August 2, 2020. We are in search of a Technical Director to join us for the summer. ,
Essential Job Functions:,
\x95Attend Production Meetings on mutually agreeable dates, contributing to and assessing technical solutions/systems for executing designs as they are created.,
\x95Keep in communication with the Scenic Designer about the build schedule, construction of scenery, painting, and requirements for show changeovers.,
\x95Keep in communication with Production Stage Manager(s) and Director of Production about ongoing rehearsal needs and continuing changes to the scenic needs.,
\x95Assist in the creation of an Equipment/Tool list that will be portable and will best execute build/maintenance of all three productions,
\x95Keep in communication with Props, Costumes, Lights, Projections and Sound Departments regarding storage, transport and security needs and troubleshoot with DofP,
\x95In coordination with DofP, create detailed build schedule for summer after final drawings are submitted.,
\x95Assist in with input regarding budget during the design + redesign process,
\x95As Master Carpenter (and TD), construct all scenic elements and specialty props/effects within safety, EPA, and OSHA regulations,
\x95Attend on-site production meetings and be prepared to discuss progress.,
\x95Organize the crew to safely and efficiently put all scenic elements into the theatre,
\x95Supervise and Assist with safe installation of Truss, Tent, Risers, and Seating,
\x95Approve and Coordinate plans for any construction of Green Room, Dressing Room, Production Booth space as needed,
\x95Assist Director of Production in scheduling and delegating volunteer crews as needed.,
\x95Coordinate build for remaining shows after initial load-in while responding to rehearsal needs and any issues that arise after set is initially installed in performance venue for rehearsal,
\x95Be prepared with all scenic elements and the scenery run crew for the first and subsequent technical and dress rehearsals. ,
\x95Attend Tech Meetings as scheduled for each production and then develop a daily priority list for the completion of all production-related items.,
\x95Maintain all scenery and respond to performance reports as needed,
\x95Coordinate and execute Strike with DofP,
\x95Dismantle, inventory and store all scenery as previously determined with PM,
\x95Assist PM in managing inventory processes for all departments, helping to coordinate transport and set-up at warehouse/storage. ,
Desired Qualifications:,
\x95Minimum 3-5 years experience as a Technical Director/Master Carpenter,
\x95A degree or theatre or similar artistic background,
\x95Must be able to lift 50 pounds,
\x95Proactive, self-starter who is highly organized with acute attention to detail,
\x95Ability to read + create CAD drawings,
\x95Valid driver\x92s license, and is comfortable driving a 15\x92 box truck,
\x95Exhibits grace under pressure,
\x95Demonstrated ability to effectively lead a team,
\x95A strong sense of humor,
Parallel 45 Theatre produces cutting-edge interpretations of classic plays, giving familiar stories new life \x96 and fresh relevance \x96 for our northwest Michigan audience. By producing a repertory of reinvented classics, new works and imaginative adaptations, we seek to entertain, encourage critical thought, and inspire conversation in our community. Since 2010, Parallel 45 Theatre has brought more than 150 artists from across the country and around the world to create groundbreaking shows for our audiences. In 2017, Parallel 45 Theatre\x92s production of Alice in Wonderland was nominated for a Wilde Award, which honors the best productions, performances and technical work produced or presented by professional theaters across the state.,
We consider diversity and inclusion a driver of institutional excellence and seek out diversity of participation, thought and action, especially from historically underrepresented communities. We seek to champion dignity, visibility and accessibility, while promoting cultural competency, humility and sensitivity. Parallel 45 is an equal opportunity employer. ,
If interested, please send a resume, cover letter and three references to,


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