Audio Engineer

Date Posted: 2020-01-22 15:31:00

Pay: $1100 flat fee

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Job Description

Costa Mesa High School is seeking an Audio Engineer/Supervisor for its upcoming production of Guys and Dolls. Applicants must possess the ability and desire to work with and supervise high school students with a varying degree of ability and knowledge. ,
Job Responsibilities to include instructing students on the setup and programming of Yamaha mc7l Mixing Console and 16-21 Sure Ulxd Wireless Body Packs. Audio Engineer would also be responsible would be transition to a supervisory/troubleshooting role during the run of the show. A student audio crew will be responsible for the actual run of the show.,
Applicant must be available for all, or most of the following dates ,
Dress Rehearsal:,
3/20 (7pm),
3/21 (7pm),
3/22 (3pm),
3/26 (7pm),
3/27 (7pm),
3/28 (7pm),
3/29 (3pm + Strike),


Job Benefits

None provided other than pay


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