House Manager

Date Posted: 2020-02-20 15:50:00

Pay: $425 475 week room board Based on Experience

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Job Description

Responsible for operating an efficient, welcoming front of house that creates positive audience and presenter relations. Responsible for training the day of show volunteers. Responsible for cleaning the Big Top house, grounds and facilities. ,
(Majority of duties, but not meant to be all-inclusive nor prevent other duties from being assigned as necessary.),
Establish contact with presenters and assist with the smooth flow of the front of house operations in areas such as: onsite box office operations, ushers, trash, program distribution, and any special functions the presenter may be holding in conjunction with our show. Train day of show volunteers both for outside presenter and at self-presented sites.,
Recruit house, parking and ticket booth volunteers for self-presented show needs.,
Check location and conditions of public toilet facilities, prior to each show. Notify presenter of cleaning needs.,
Maintain inventory of playbills and adequate stock for each show. Arrange for transport of additional programs from Smirkus Headquarters.,
Maintain guest lists. Organize VIP seating. Greet special guests and alert Tour Directors to their presence. Arrange for back stage tours as appropriate. Communicate the presence and relevant info of any additional special guests to Smirkus HQ.,
Communicate and coordinate with backstage when to open the tent to audience, when to start the show. Keeps show starting time on pre-determined schedule.,
Maintain a clean front of house appearance. Oversee clean up inside tent and the outside grounds after each show. Supervise presenter regarding trash removal.,
In conjunction with Tour Administrative Manager, obtain presenter information before, after, and during the show, such as attendance numbers, etc.,
Plan for, coordinate, and oversee any emergency situations that may come up, such as fire or severe storms. Update as needed written plans for dealing with emergencies and evacuation, and instruct staff in their duties and proper behavior during emergency situations.,
Drive company vehicle.,
Assist in the set-up and tear down of back lot at the discretion of the Tour General Manager. Duties may include but not limited to: Setting and leveling bunkhouses, running hoses and electrical cords, setting up dishwashing station, setting up picnic tables and dining tent.,
Other duties as assigned.,
KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE: (Minimum education, experience, technical and communication skill levels and licenses/certificates normally required to perform the duties of this position.),
You must have (or obtain before tour) certification in CPR and Basic First Aid.,
(Typical working conditions associated with this type of work and environmental hazards, if any, that may be encountered in performing the duties of this position.),
Internal: Work is normally conducted in an office environment.,
External: Work requires travel throughout Vermont and surrounding states in preparation for and while on summer tour. ,
(The physical effort generally associated with this position.),
Work involves standing, walking, bending, kneeling, reaching, stooping, and other physical activities consistent with setting up heavy equipment. Work may include lifting, carrying or moving objects and equipment weighing over 50 pounds.,
Supervision is received from the Tour General Manager. ,
This is a three month seasonal position from June to August 2020.,
Interested parties please include:,
Cover letter,
Completed Circus Smirkus Employment Application -,
Room and board is included for all positions. Please note, you may need to download the job application and open it in a PDF viewer. Make sure to save the application file with your information before sending back to us.,
Throughout history, the circus has sought out and celebrated all types of peoples, cultures, and skills to showcase the multifaceted triumph of human abilities. It is fundamental to our values to welcome employees, participants, and audience members of all backgrounds with the curiosity, respect, and awe human diversity inspires.,
Joining a Circus Smirkus program \x96 as a participant, an employee, or an audience member \x96 means you belong. As a company, we promise to consider only merit in making hiring or program decisions. The only thing that matters to us is your willingness to embrace our values and help us create joy and magic for everyone who encounters a Smirkus program. If you\x92re smart and talented and willing to work hard, please apply for a job with us!,
As a proud upholder of circus tradition we commit to providing everyone equal opportunity to become a star, both in and out of the ring.,,


Job Benefits

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