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Job Description

1. Construction, alteration, fitting, and/or maintenance of costumes for theatrical productions and one dance recital per season. ,
2.Serve as wardrobe running crew for our self-produced plays and provide wardrobe assistance as needed for package productions and dance or music concerts. ,
3.Candidates for the costumer positions should have the ability to work independently on basic construction projects, and have experience working with commercial patterns. Additional skills such as drafting and cutting are helpful but not required. Some design opportunities may be available for resume credit only, but are not guaranteed.,
4.Cleaning and upkeep of dressing rooms.,
5.All staff members are expected to provide general assistance to the Festival, including areas outside their normal field of expertise. For example, staff members will be asked to assist with auditions, concert set up or security, and load-ins and strikes.,
6.Possible assistance to other city agencies with their costume and special events needs ,
The costume shop and storage facilities and rehearsal spaces are separate from the Dogwood Dell Amphitheatre. While most of our work will take place in the costume shop or theatre, occasional side trips to other locations may be necessary. Having your own car is helpful, but not a requirement.,
The costume shop has two White sewing machines of varying ages, a Jiffy steamer, a serger, two heavy-duty domestic irons, and various small hand tools. ,
The shop work schedule will vary depending on the needs of current projects. Our actors are all volunteers, so rehearsals, and often fittings, must be held in the evening and on weekends. We can never guarantee a 40-hour week, but we\x92ll do our best to make sure you get at least one day a week off!,
This is a City of Richmond job, there is pre employment drug screen and background check ,
Email resume with 3 reference ,
No Housing provided,


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