Tour Stage Manager: 2020 Queensboro Dance Festival

Date Posted: 2020-01-18 18:04:04

Pay: $Starting rate 50 show per show

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Job Description

The 7th annual Queensboro Dance Festival is seeking dance stage managers for our 2020 tour running May through October. All dance performances (approx 70min each, no intermission) on tour take place in various indoor and outdoor locations throughout Queens, NYC. Stage manager will work closely with the Executive Director and be responsible for coordinating music and technical needs of various dance companies, sending out tech schedules to companies, keeping ROS on time, and assisting in load-in and load-out on sites. Tech is brief, typically day of the performances unless we are in a theater. Tour consists of about 25 shows across the 6-month span. Shows will be assigned among a rotation of 2-3 stage managers total, and stage managers will be paid per show to be further discussed at interview. Queens-based stage manager encouraged but not required. Please send us your resume and overview e-mail introducing yourself and your interest in this position, thank you and looking forward to hearing from you!,


Job Benefits

None provided other than pay


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