Production Account Manager

Date Posted: 2019-04-03 17:55:00

Pay: $45k 60k bimonthly

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Job Description

The responsibilities of this position are to interface closely with both the sales staff and our clients. You will determine gear choices, design and apply solutions to accomplish the client\x92s objective, build and maintain budgets as well as specify and manage the labor for the project. Success in this position requires a well rounded leader.,
Responsibilities include: (but not limited to),
\x95 Project management,
\x95 Order generation and equipment specification,
\x95 Produce project scheduling,
\x95 Balance design/client goals vs. company profitability,
\x95 Customer Service management at all levels,
\x95 Close interaction between Operation and Sales Staff,
\x95 Technical operations,
\x95 Secure and develop future business from each project,
\x95 Advance riders and show requirements,
\x95 Design appropriate technical systems for each project.,
Candidate Qualifications:,
\x95 Minimum of 2 years of post secondary education,
\x95 Minimum of 5 years experience in the Live Entertainment, Hospitality, Tradeshow, Events or,
related industry.,
\x95 Knowledge of entertainment technology.,
\x95 Knowledge of accepted practices and principles in entertainment technology.,
\x95 Ability to manage multiple tasks and projects simultaneously.,
\x95 Ability to work under pressure and manage the pressure to assure the success of your team and,
\x95 Should be highly motivated.,
\x95 Should be organized.,
\x95 Able to work with minimal supervision.,
\x95 Be a great listener, a problem solver and communicator.,
\x95 Excel in customer service.,


Job Benefits

None provided other than pay


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