Full Time Audio Technician

Date Posted: 2020-02-03 00:00:00

Pay: $35 000 Annual DOE annually

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Job Description

Audio Technician (full time),
Mountainside Production Services Inc is a full-service production house/rental company that operates in the Rocky Mountain region and is based in Palisade Colorado. Approximately 25% of our business is in Steamboat Springs Colorado, 25% is in Vail Colorado, and the rest is around other areas of Colorado, Wyoming and Utah. We provide audio, lights, staging and some video for all types of events, from corporate A/V to full scale concert production. We operate year-round with our busy season being June through the end of September. We currently have four full time staff and another six or so freelance audio/lighting/video technicians that we employ.,
We are seeking an experienced full time Audio Technician that is willing to live within a reasonable commute to our shop in Palisade Colorado. ,
You Will:,
\x95Have general knowledge of all facets of audio and concert production,
\x95Operate digital audio consoles and processors in a show environment ,
\x95Work with clients, artists and guest engineers,
\x95Keep equipment operational and safe,
\x95Direct stage hands and volunteers,
\x95Maintain/follow show schedule ,
\x95Have a strong sense of customer service and attention to detail,
\x95Be able to travel 100+ days a year,
\x95Possess some organizational and problem solving skills,
\x95Be able lift a minimum of 75 pounds,
\x95Have a valid driver\x92s license with a reasonably good driving record,
\x95Have the ability to drive box trucks in snow and on mountain passes,
\x95Enjoy working in a fast-paced setting with a positive demeanor,
We Will:,
\x95Offer 40 hours per week average (more in the summer-less in the winter),
\x95Provide a positive/enjoyable work environment,
\x95Have a flexible schedule on non-show days,
\x95Encourage continued learning and job growth with training and industry functions (conventions, manufacturer training + certifications),
\x95Cover travel expenses,
\x95Maintain a safe job site,
\x95Clearly communicate expectations ,
Operate in an ethical + ,
trustworthy manner,


Job Benefits

None provided other than pay


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