Seasonal Assistant Company Manager (Summer Contract)

Date Posted: 2020-01-27 15:47:00

Pay: $Starting at 3 000 plus travel and housing

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Job Description

"Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theatre is seeking a Seasonal Assistant Company Manager for our summer 2020 season. Major responsibilities include managing transportation for company members (arranging and sometimes driving airport shuttles, local shuttles, dispersing reimbursements), managing housing (working with apartment managers and CM interns to setup and oversee three apartment complexes), as well as HR and Administrative tasks. CM will work with Company Administrator to manage a company of up to 300 seasonal staff members and will directly manage up to four interns. Applicants should have previous professional Company Management experience, stage management may also be considered. At least a Bachelors degree is required. All contracts provide pay, travel, and housing. Additional responsibilities may be negotiated. Please send cover letter and resume to to apply.",


Job Benefits

None provided other than pay


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