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Date Posted: 2019-10-25 07:25:22

Pay: $150 per day

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Job Description

- Set-up, breakdown and troubleshoot sound equipment.+nbsp;,
- Manage the check-in of all Studio Director\x92s back-up music files.+nbsp;,
- Responsible for making necessary introductory and+nbsp;closing remarks at each event.+nbsp;,
- Responsible for announcing each performance.+nbsp;,
- Responsible for music playback of each performance and running the sound system via a laptop and+nbsp;sound board.+nbsp;,
- Responsible to stay in communication with Score Keeper and - Stage Manager at all times to received cues on when to announce the next performance.,
Responsible for making announcements of any updates, delays, new information, etc., that may arise throughout the event.+nbsp;,
- Improvise and interact with performers and audience members+nbsp;to provide an entertaining dialogue throughout the event.+nbsp;,
- Responsible for entertaining during down time and awards.,
- Set-up and breakdown of competition event.,
- Must help where needed throughout the event.,
- Ability to travel long distances,
- Must+nbsp;have a charismatic personality,
- Prior experience as a announcer, broadcaster, emcee or DJ,
- A vibrant host that can adhere to scripts as well as a skilled improvisor+nbsp;,
- Comfortability with speaking in front of a large crowd,
- Should be tech savvy and comfortable with both Windows and Mac computers,
- Has great attention to detail,
- Good logistical and problem-solving skills,
- Excellent organizational skills,
- Strong communication amongst leadership and staff,
- A team player,
- Customer-service orientated personality,
- Excellent time management + multitasking skills,
- Experience with working in a fast-paced environment,
- Ability to carry heavy equipment,
- Ability to work well on little to no sleep,
- Sense of humor,
\x95 January - July 2020 (weekend events only),
We are hiring for the 2020 season. Looking for candidates from the New York, New Jersey, New England, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania areas. We are open to conducting Skype interviews for the first initial interview only. Follow-up interviews may be required in person either in New York, New Jersey and Ohio . Please do not apply unless you are available and able to travel for training sessions and work events throughout a variety of states in the east, mid-west and south during event season (January through July).,
**Some weeks you will travel to the event on Thursday evening or Friday early morning and return home on Sunday or Monday afternoon. Please visit our tour dates for the 2020 season: https://thatsentertainmentpa.com/upcoming-2020-events/. +nbsp;A level of commitment required.,
- Entry pay,
- Company arranged travel, meals and lodging provided when on the road.,
- TE Provides all media and event equipment,


Job Benefits

None provided other than pay


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