Costume Shop Supervisor

Date Posted: 2019-08-05 15:15:32

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Job Description

Costume Shop Supervisor,
Job Title:Costume Shop Supervisor,
Department:Costume Shop,
Reports To:Costume Designer,
Non-exempt Salaried position ,
Scope of Responsibilities:,
In partnership with the Resident Costume Designer, costume shop staff, and other staff designers, will steward its artistic vision and inspire artists, staff, and volunteers to create the highest quality work. The Costume Shop Supervisor is responsible for shop purchasing, budgeting, and staffing. ,
Performance Responsibilities:,
\x95Read scripts for all shows.,
\x95Assist in determining show budgets and rebuild projects.,
\x95Assist in determining shop expenses and part-time salary expenses.,
\x95Maintain and track budgets.,
\x95Process purchase orders, petty cash and mileage for shop personnel.,
\x95Order supplies; shop for supplies locally, research best value.,
\x95Supervise shop activities, staff, part-time employees and volunteers.,
\x95Responsible for stock, supervise the acceptance of donations, costume rentals, special projects, and integration of stock after strike.,
\x95Manage shop equipment, including repairs, maintenance and replacement.,
\x95Determine assignments and supervise apprentices in shop assignments.,
\x95Assist in scheduling of season, including build periods, downtimes and special projects.,
\x95Assist in determining shop hours.,
\x95Recruit special personnel (wig, crafts, millinery).,
\x95Assist in staffing part-time stitchers and volunteers.,
\x95Truck driver for costume transportation.,
\x95Assist designers in pulling costumes.,
\x95Set measurement and fitting schedules.,
\x95Assist designers in shopping locally for fabrics and costumes.,
\x95Assist designers with measurements and fittings.,
\x95Attend dress rehearsal to assist designers and wardrobe.,
\x95Assist wardrobe in transition of costumes from shop to dressing rooms.,
\x95Assist wardrobe in running shows when necessary.,
\x95Wig maintenance when necessary.,
\x95Assist in patterning, cutting, building, crafts, shoe repair, hats and leather crafts.,
Apprenticeship Responsibilities: ,
\x95Assist supervising apprentice students assigned to costume shop.,
\x95Assist ensuring that apprentice students meet all safety guidelines and procedures when using equipment. ,
\x95In association with other costume shop staff members, give training and guidance to apprentices assigned to the costume shop.,
Minimum Qualifications:,
\x95Previous professional experience or education in theatre.,
\x95Advance technical skills.,
\x95Organizational, communication and supervisory skills.,
\x95Budgeting and bookkeeping skills.,
\x95Ability to work with a variety of artists in high-pressure situations.,
Desired Qualifications:,
\x95Knowledge of fashion history.,
\x95Familiarity with diverse shows,


Job Benefits

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