Job Description

Position Responsibilities:,
\x95Coordinate with the Project Manager and Audio Department Head to plan and execute the technical aspects of each design, including interpreting audio needs and all signal flow plans, I/O lists, and stage + venue plots,
\x95Collaborate professionally with all production staff and clients to service all Audio technical support requests,
\x95Provides professional, courteous technical support service to all clients,
\x95Fulfills the role of System Tech or Console Operator, or both when required, depending on the size of the event,
\x95Responsible for setup, operation, and strike of equipment before, during, and after events, including operating all system processors/software, audio consoles, playback support systems, and any audio related gear as required,
\x95Direct any Audio technicians under their supervision in the completion of any tasks to deliver the expected MEI level of service, providing guidance when necessary,
Position Requirements:,
\x95Minimum 3 years of live lead audio experience required,
\x95Live-mixing skills and working knowledge of digital consoles, including DiGiCo, Yamaha, Allen-Heath, Midas, Avid, or other touring grade manufacturer.,
\x95Understanding of line array prediction and monitoring software required,
\x95Excellent system management skills; including building a line array per spec sheet,
\x95Excellent knowledge of proper gain structure and signal flow,
\x95Excellent skills in deploying a system optimized for the acoustic space as well as coverage, such as, but not limited to, tuning the room, ringing out speakers,
\x95Knowledge and experience working with and mixing multiple wireless mics including lavaliers simultaneously ,
\x95Working knowledge of standard audio related software, such as, but not limited to, Shure Workbench 6, Qlab, Tracks Live, Dante Controller, Smaart,
\x95Ability to interpret event technical documents such as, but not limited to, technical riders, signal flow diagrams, input lists, stage plots, events\x92 run-of-show, cue lists, etc.,
\x95Basic understanding of audio-related rigging gear such as, but not limited to, motors, hoists, crank lifts, truss, span sets, shackles, beam clamps, mega-claws, etc.,
\x95Ability to rig an audio array from rig point downward or to create rigging point for small audio systems utilizing a variety of rigging hardware options,
\x95Ability to work in a high-stress environment and demonstrate initiative,
\x95Strong verbal and written communication skills and organization and time-management skills,
\x95Availability and willingness to work extended hours, including nights, weekends, holidays, and be on call as necessary,
\x95Punctuality, professionalism, and a positive collaborative attitude when working with clients and co-workers,
Preferred Qualifications:,
\x95Corporate / Special Events / Hotel / Arena / Broadcast / Festival / Performance Audio experience is a plus,
\x95Self-motivated with ability to work on several projects simultaneously with minimal supervision,
\x95Ability to stand, kneel, and/or crouch for long periods of time,
\x95Ability to climb ladders and scaffolding, and operate single column lifts (Genies or scissor lifts), and comfortable working at heights,
\x95Ability to work in a variety of environments, including hot, humid, cold, and in small, cramped spaces,
\x95Able to lift + move excess of 60lbs unassisted, and lift and move 100lbs with assistance,


Job Benefits

None provided other than pay


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