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Date Posted: 2019-09-30 17:43:53

Pay: $50 000 annually

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Job Description

Under direction of the Technical Director (TD) and Assistant Technical Director (ATD), the Audio/Video Manager will administer and maintain all professional audio/video systems within all the AT+T Performing Arts Center venues and ancillary spaces. In addition to performing the duties listed below with regards to audio/video, this position will support the overall daily operations of all the AT+T Performing Arts Center venues, as well as Center presented events off campus. General supervision of Technical Coordinators and IA Crew Heads is required. Standard cross-training in different disciplines and on all control systems center-wide, as well as leading training of operations staff, will be expected and required. This position is exempt and may require an excess of 40 hours when required by management. Duties may be assigned or modified as needed by the Technical Director or Production Management. ,
This position is a detail-oriented, highly-organized team player with excellent interpersonal skills that works seamlessly and efficiently with AT+T Performing Arts Center staff and with end users of the facilities. Essential skills include the ability to thrive in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment while maintaining a high level of professionalism. Must be self-starter and work autonomously using independent judgement. A positive attitude towards position and the Center\x92s Core Values is imperative.,
Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):,
+#61607;Work with TD, ATD, and others to achieve the desired sound and video results for a variety of events,
+#61607;Operate as Crew Lead for work calls, load ins, strikes, maintenance, etc as scheduled. ,
+#61607;Advance audio/video capabilities and other details to producing tenants ,
+#61607;Assess needs and coordinate use of all Center owned or rental audio/video equipment for all events across campus, or for Center presentations at other venues ,
+#61607;Direct crew and participate in set up, testing, operation and strike of audio and video equipment including microphones, speakers, mixing boards, video screens, projectors, etc.,
+#61607;Regulate video quality and sound quality/volume for all events in cooperation with client or company,
+#61607;Maintain and safeguard the audio and video equipment of the Center, as well as other technical assets, through the development and implementation of yearly preventative maintenance and inventories. Perform or arrange for maintenance and repair of equipment as needs arise,
+#61607;Design and coordinate with all stakeholders any upgrades and expansion of any audio/video systems in Center Venues as needed,
+#61607;Manage Audio/Video operation budgets for the Center , submit all purchasing requests and invoices to accounting on a timely basis and track expenditures,
+#61607;Develop and participate in training for Operations Staff in Audio/Video systems,
+#61607;Management of Technical Coordinators and Union House Crew Heads, using independent judgement to hire, promote, assign, reward and discipline employees or recommend such action on a routine basis in accordance with Union CBA and Center polices,
+#61607;Daily supervision of Technical Coordinators and Union House Crew Heads in establishing maintenance goals and projects, time management, show advancement and preparation, run crew responsibilities and execution, etc. ,
+#61607;Manage all Center needs including scheduling and labor, equipment, tools and expendables,
+#61607;Act as a House Technician on duty as required, supporting the use of the venues by visiting companies, rental clients, third party vendors and crew. Assist all parties in interfacing with buildings and facility equipment in accordance with their contract, AT+T PAC policies and procedures and standard safety guidelines,
+#61607;Routine and administrative responsibilities include: reporting to work as scheduled and reporting hours per event, attending production meetings, supervision of facility changeovers, completion of required reports and other documentation, reporting any unsafe working conditions or practices to TD, and attending continuing education as recommended,
+#61607;Perform other duties in varied areas as assigned,
Portions of the AT+T Performing Arts Center utilize organized labor. A thorough understanding of jurisdiction and collective bargaining agreements is required to perform job duties.,
+#61607;Ideally requires 3-5 years progressive audio experience with large scale audio/video systems operations and maintenance. Bachelor\x92s Degree in Performing Arts, Arts Management or equivalent experience. CAD experience a plus. PLASA and SMAART certification a plus,
+#61607;Experience in large platform audio desks including both analog and digital units such as Yamaha M7, PM5D, LS9, Behringer X32, Soundcraft Vi7000, and splitting signals for monitor and broadcast situations, including DSPs,
+#61607;Experience in Video projection maintenance and troubleshooting,
+#61607;Experience in maintenance, basic repair, and troubleshooting of speakers, RF, video, communications equipment, various cables and connector types,
+#61607;Experience in networking, routing, and other internet protocols,
+#61607;Excellent understanding of all aspects of live entertainment,
+#61607;Competent in speaker management software, DSPs, and equipment,
+#61607;Competence to learn proprietary control systems and mechanics of unique equipment,
+#61607;Knowledgeable in patching effect racks, amp racks and mixing consoles,
+#61607;Ability to tune and operate time correction delays as needed,
+#61607;Working knowledge of basic rigging,
+#61607;Ability to function as a technical operator in a dynamic, high pressure show environment,
+#61607;Skill in providing exceptional customer service including assessing customer needs, meeting quality standards for service, and evaluation of customer satisfaction,
+#61607;Excellent communication skills between all areas of production, customers and the public,
+#61607;Ability to read, draw and interpret site diagrams, location maps, plots etc.,
+#61607;Knowledge of and ability to troubleshoot single and three phase A/C power distribution,
+#61607;Ability to operate personnel lifts,
+#61607;Capable of working at elevated heights, 90\x92 and over,
+#61607; Able to lift over 50 pounds,
+#61607;Appropriate appearance and dress required at all times,
+#61607;Available to work frequent long and varied hours including weekends,
+#61607;Available to be contacted for technical assistance in case of emergencies as possible,
AT+T Performing Arts Center is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to the belief that each individual is entitled to equal employment opportunity.,
The AT+T Performing Arts Center is a nonprofit foundation that operates and programs a 10-acre campus comprised of three premier performance venues and a park in downtown Dallas. Audiences enjoy the best and most recent from Broadway; the finest dance companies from across the globe co-presented with TITAS Presents; and top concerts, performers and cutting-edge speakers. Thousands of students explore and more deeply experience the arts through the Center\x92s education program, Open Stages. The Center also offers free programming for audiences from every part of the community.,
"The Center\x92s mission is to provide a public gathering place that strengthens community and fosters creativity through the presentation of performing arts and arts education programs.The Center\x92s culture is to focus on the values that guide its peoples actions. The Center\x92s Core Values are to passionately pursue our mission by being:",
Achievement Focused - Committed to the advancement and cultivation of the Performing Arts in Dallas,
Community Minded \x96 Actively fostering and participating in meaningful community interactions,
Customer Service Driven \x96 Dedicated to the service of internal and external constituents so that all want to return,
Flexible \x96 Willing to change to achieve results,
The Center\x92s five resident companies are among the city\x92s leading arts institutions: Anita N. Martinez Ballet Folklorico, Dallas Black Dance Theatre, The Dallas Opera, Dallas Theater Center and Texas Ballet Theater.,
Designed by internationally acclaimed architects, the Center\x92s campus includes the Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House, Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre, Annette Strauss Square, and Elaine D. and Charles A. Sammons Park are some of the finest performance venues in the world.,


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