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Date Posted: 2018-05-29 09:29:00

Pay: $STARTING 16 and up biweekly

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Job Description

Must have an interest in the lighting/audio design industry and be able to solve problems creatively. Must have strong communication skill and strong technical skills.Techs should be organized, able to work independently, and have the ability to problem solve in a logical manner. Applicants should be familiar with current / lighting/audio/visual standards and equipment. They should have knowledge of AV best practices, the ability exercise attention to detail and have a positive attitude in their job under pressure.,
It is expected that they conduct themselves in a professional manner both verbally and via written communication and be conscious of the quality of their work.,
Must be competent in reading, understanding and the marking up of AV paperwork.,
Must be proficient in the use of AV related software programs and Microsoft Office as well as google docs.,
Must be able to exercise common sense, communicate effectively with co workers/clients alike and work independently to meet timelines.,


Job Benefits

None provided other than pay


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