Master Electrician

Date Posted: 2020-02-10 16:37:57

Pay: $16 to 22 per hour biweekly

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Job Description

The ME will be responsible for planning and setup of stage lighting for three operas running in rep working closely with our lighting designer. The ME will coordinate rentals and be responsible for the operation of lighting fixtures, a generator, dimmer pack, cable, and all other equipment necessary to keep the lights on and the power running. The ME will work in coordination with the Technical Director, Production Manager, and West Edge staff to create a detailed production schedule. In July 2020 the ME will lead a team to install lighting in tandem with the installation of the stage, seating, and other theatrical infrastructure. During the run of the show the ME will coordinate lighting changeovers, program and run the board during tech rehearsals and shows, and will also assist with setup of backstage and house electrical equipment. Experience in connection with setup of event spaces as well as traditional theatrical environments are both important to this position. See past productions at,


Job Benefits

None provided other than pay


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