Sound Engineer

Date Posted: 2020-02-05 20:49:19

Pay: $starting at 14 per hour

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Job Description

I.In-house and packaged productions. ,
A. Develop adequate sound reinforcement for the amphitheatre stage based on the needs of the show. Includes recorded and live sound effects.,
B. The Sound Engineer will be responsible for sound design of any in-house productions and will be assistant to the company hired in for the musical finale.,
II.Music and Dance concerts. There are several scenarios that come along with these concerts:,
A.Each group will depend on the Sound Engineer to provide everything they need and to engineer the show. They may opt to use a combination of our equipment and theirs and you will make that happen. Normally, whose board is used will decide who engineers. ,
B.They may opt to provide their own or rental equipment or we may have contracted additional sound for larger shows. ,
In that instance, you will oversee their load-in, set-up, and strike processes to make sure they don\t overload circuits and that our equipment doesn\t mysteriously get packed with theirs and take the proverbial "hike". There are an amazing number of personalities you will deal with to make this all happen. Diplomacy and tact can be your best friends.,
C. Some companies will bring pre-recorded music on iPod, CD, or even the occasional ancient cassette tape. Do we have the equipment to play it? Also, African dance companies often come with live drums and want to place the musicians in areas that provide abundant challenges for the Sound Engineer.,
"III.The HaPenny Childrens\x92 Stage and Pine Camp Theatre ",
A. You will discuss the sound needs with the artists and be set up when they arrive.,
With all performances production meetings are held hopefully two weeks in advance. The Sound Engineer is required to attend these meetings and gather the information you need to make the magic of sound happen.,
For the past several years, we\x92ve rented a full sound system for the season. Additional Dell equipment includes:,
\x95A rental flown PA, spec per the sound company gear is hired through.,
\x95An assortment of microphones. We own monitors and enough cable to cover most of our needs.,
\x95Thanks to a previous SE and our Friends of Dogwood Dell Advisory Board, we\x92ve replaced a fair amount of equipment in the last few years. Specifics to follow. ,
"\x95For the HaPenny Stage we have a small powered amp/mixer.",
In general, as a member of seasonal staff you may also be asked to:,
\x95Help provide workshops or explain parts of your job to volunteers or other staff members. ,
\x95Participate in load-ins, strikes, major light change-overs, performance set-up and to help in the carpentry shop or other areas. ,
\x95Provide security for rented sound equipment, etc.,
\x95Assist with other City events as needed.,
\x95Assist with other Festival duties as needed or assigned. ,
Must know the Midas M32 console ,
This is a City of Richmond job, there is a pre employment drug screen and background check ,
Email resume with 3 references ,
No Housing provided,


Job Benefits

None provided other than pay


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