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Date Posted: 2019-09-16 18:22:26

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Job Description

The Master Electrician is responsible for lighting production for all shows and events; including, but not limited to, maintenance and repair of all equipment related to electrics; supervising and monitoring some performances of productions; attending tech/dress rehearsals and specified production meetings; serving as Master Electrician or Lighting Designer on outside events using the theater.,
Examples of Duties:,
Serves as master electrician for all performances in the East Sonora and Fallon House Theatres, including events sponsored by other organizations.,
Hang, circuit, focus and program different lighting plots between three performance spaces in SRT\x92s season (East Sonora/Fallon/Cabaret venue).,
Plan, research and engineer different practical elements, special effects and other lighting projects for use in productions.,
Teaches the stage manager to perform a light check before every performance.,
Designs lighting for assigned productions (as agreed upon with the Producing Artistic Director).,
Assists in the repair and maintenance of lighting department equipment.,
Serves as a resource for guest lighting designers.,
Maintains a safe and clean work/shop environment.,
Performs other related work as required.,
Bachelor\x92s Degree preferred, with 2-3 years of professional experience in similar position. Not required. ,
Working knowledge of all technical production and performance aspects of theatre.,
Must have strong organizational, communication and interpersonal skills.,
Exceptional computer skills.,
Experience working with projectors and projection designers.,
Ability to work productively under time pressures and meet deadlines.,
Other Requirements:,
Possess a valid driver\x92s license and have access to a vehicle for transportation to and from business related events.,
Work Conditions:,
Ability to work long hours when required and work with a flexible schedule.,
Must be willing to work at heights (comfortable on tall ladders), around moving machinery, and with exposure to noise, vibration, and dust.,
Must be willing to travel and work at various sites.,
Ability to work safely in an environment containing potentially hazardous electrical equipment, fumes, and/or materials.,
Physical Demands:,
Must possess sufficient strength and stamina to lift and carry up to 50 pounds.,
Must be able to perform physical activities such as, but not limited to, lifting, bending, standing, climbing, and/or walking.,
Please forward your cover letter and resume to Scott Viets, Producing Artistic Director at,


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