Theatre Technician

Date Posted: 1999-11-30 00:00:00

Pay: $17 12 per hour

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Job Description

Theater Technician (AT-WILL),
Is responsible for the setup, operation, and maintenance of all theater equipment during client rentals. Ability to lift, push, or maneuver up to 50lbs. Ability to climb ladders and work in high places. ,
Must be willing to work flexible hours, including evenings, weekends, and some holidays. Must possess strong critical thinking and proactive problem solving ability. Ability to work well with a team, both as a lead and in a support role,
Examples of Duties,
Hanging and focus of lighting equipment,
Setup and distribution of audio equipment,
Operation of the fly rail,
Operation of the follow spots,
Loading and unloading of trucks or various rental or client equipment,
Performs related work as required,
Specialized Crew Positions,
Lighting Technician Qualifications:,
Design lighting in proscenium, black box, and arena theaters,
Program and operate lighting consoles (ETC family),
Hang, circuit, focus and color stage lighting equipment,
Program, address, and network intelligent lighting.,
Sound Technician Qualifications:,
Program and operate digital and analog sound boards,
Ability to edit sound and transfer media,
Determine proper microphones, positions and levels for live performance.,
Monitor sound levels and equipment functionality, running sound checks, and other tasks,
Repair and troubleshoot sound equipment malfunctions.,
Fly Rail Technician,
Familiar with the correct operation of the fly/rigging system,
Makes regular inspections of the fly/rigging system,
Ensures that loads do not exceed the safe capacity of the system,
Uses correct knots for attaching and tying off loads,
Maintains visual contact with a moving piece; uses spotters when necessary,
Follows established protocols for: Communication with the grid, bridge and stage when moving a line set,
Maintains control of moving pieces at all times,
Follows safe working practice when loading and unloading the arbors,


Job Benefits

None provided other than pay


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