Master Electrician

Date Posted: 2020-02-05 20:44:34

Pay: $starting at 14 per hour

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Job Description

. In-house and packaged productions. ,
a. Hang and focus plots of guest designers, including supervision of staff and volunteers.,
b. Work with and train staff and volunteers on the use of any specialty equipment as dictated by productions, including follow spots.,
c.Serve as board operator for all productions.,
\x95Music and dance concerts. There are several scenarios that come along with these concerts:,
a. The Master Electrician will design lights for each of these programs following production meetings with each group. ,
b.Genres will range from African dance to ballet, from rock to jazz. ,
c.Inventory, repair, and maintain existing lighting equipment. The LT will also be responsible for care of borrowed equipment. ,
D. Again, train crew members to assist with each show\x92s lighting needs. The ME will generally serve as board operator for all concerts.,
With all performances, production meetings are held hopefully two weeks in advance. The Lighting Technician is required to attend these meetings and gather the information you need to create the lighting effects requested to the best of your (and the Dell\x92s) ability.,
\x95We have an ETC element running to an ETC sensor rack. ,
\x95Our inventory is LED cyc lights, LED pars and ETC source 4 front light. ,
\x95We have three dead hung pipes overstage and a catwalk for FOH lighting. The whole system is running off Multi drops USR.,
In general, as a member of seasonal staff you may also be asked to:,
\x95Help provide workshops or explain parts of your job to volunteers or other staff members. ,
\x95Participate in set load-ins, strikes, major sound load ins, performance set-up and to help in the carpentry shop or other areas if needed. ,
\x95Provide security for rented sound equipment, etc.,
\x95Assist with other City events.,
\x95Assist with other Festival duties as needed or assigned.,
This is a City of Richmond job, there is a pre employment drug screen and background check ,
Email resume with 3 references,
No Housing provided,


Job Benefits

None provided other than pay


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